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April 22, 2018
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April 22, 2018

A Glimpse of Top 3 methods for Muscle Growth

There are different ways to stimulate muscle growth. However, here you will come across top 3 methods for muscle growth, which benefits you to get strong and toned muscles fast.

1 Tempo Contrast

In a set you need to alternate kind off slow reps along with rapid fast reps. According to experts the fastest you can keep up performing this cycle of slow and fast reps in a batch of 8 to 12 reps per cycle, with at least 3 cycles per workout session the better for your muscle growth.

Owing to different muscle contractions it helps your body to build more muscle fibers. Moreover, as you alternate between rapid fast beat reps and contrastingly slow reps it promotes the lock of waste products in your muscles, which again boosts several growth factors that actively stimulates protein synthesis in your metabolism and muscle growth in turn.

The process triggers accumulation of metabolites inside the muscles leading to active pumping process that helps in building up- of biceps muscle, quads, etc. You can combine this exercise with squats for better result.

2 Multi-Hold Pump Set

This is a higher level of muscle growth exercise program since it stretches your capacity to boost your muscle building to a further higher step. It is preferably best to be done in the last part of your training session.  A single set of multi hold pump set is sufficient for initial process. Not only does this method actively boost muscle growth with several growth factors but it also enhances the level of amino acid in muscles as well.

3 Intra-Set Load Contrast

Heavy weight lifting in muscle growing work outs creates a potentiating process and intra set load contrast takes into account this process for triggering the muscle growth procedure a bit overboard. When lift heavy weight the nervous system and neuromuscular trigger points of your body are stimulated. This stimulation helps to build up muscle. Immediately switching to hypertrophy workout in the tempo of the heavy lifting helps more muscle fibers actively and also encourage better muscle growth.


The process needs you to involve two loads alternatively. You need to trigger your impulses by setting 75% of your maximum limit, and then drop the weight a bit in the ne4xt round and then you heighten it on each side of the collar by 10 to 15%. This helps you to stimulate your muscles up to 75% to 90% of your maximum capacity with a drop in between which accelerates muscle growth procedure.

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