A Glimpse of Top 3 methods for Muscle Growth
April 22, 2018
Top 3 Lower Body Exercises For Mass Enhancement
April 22, 2018

Add some mass to Your Upper Body

If you are into muscle building program you already the importance and dire demand for biceps, triceps, and six pack abs, etc. It is actually a fact that without an impressive torso it is hard to make an impact with your physique. Toning your muscles, growing them is not only a healthy physical approach in life but also develops your overall personality, and without proper upper body muscles on chest, arms, abs, no one actually feels satisfied with his/her muscle stimulating training programs. Read on to know some simple yet effective exercise moves to help you fill in some mass to your upper body.

Therefore, once again even if you are not going for gym sessions, you can take the classic approach at your home as well and take onto to the top 3 upper body exercises for mass.

Weighed Pushups

Pushups are one of the most common forms of muscle enhancing exercises. But when you are aiming to build up overboard mass, to make an impressive growth on your chest, shoulder, arms and back you can try weighed pushups, a customized version. This can be done just the way you do normal pushups only with a little e addition of a few pounds on your back.

Barbell Bench Press

If you want to consider the actual foundation of a rock solid tough chest, you just cannot overlook the importance and role of barbell bench pass. The barbell bench press stimulates body pectoral muscles to shred in the maximum potential way and at the same time it also helps to grow your shoulder and arm muscles.

While you rest on a bench your feet must touch the ground and you need to lift up the barbell with your arms stretched above your sternum. While you lower the bar, the process should be and you need to hold the bar just approximately 2 inches above from the middle of your chest.  Rest for a while before you repeat the entire process again.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

The single arm dumbbell row happens to be a simple yet powerful way to add some effective mass to your upper body. This exercise helps to strengthen and build up particularly pectoral muscles, biceps and lateral muscles as well. Therefore, if you are particularly looking to build up your upper body muscles this is a simple but effective workout to try on. Try to include this into your regular workout routine and increase number of times you do it over two weeks or so.

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