Add some mass to Your Upper Body
April 22, 2018

Top 3 Lower Body Exercises For Mass Enhancement

Adding body mass to different areas of the body is a common aim when you start workout outs. While overweight people intend to shed off some of their extra pounds, for lean ones the objective is a little different. When you aim for adding mass to the upper part or the lower part of your body, you extensively need to choose an exercise which focus on those particular areas of your body, enhance your muscle strength, and stimulates the growth factors that would help building some muscle fibers.  Here are the top 3 lower body exercises for mass which you can easily include in your daily workout schedule, practice at home or at gym.


It one of the most common workout moves, yet the importance and benefits of both low and heavy squats is extensive, in respect to lower part of the body. Squats not only add fibers to the muscle but also stimulate the strength of your leg muscles by triggering your anabolic response to a great extent.  Squats offer multidimensional benefits. It strengthens and tones up the thigh muscles, buttocks, quadriceps femoris muscles, hips, and even the hamstrings, where you especially need to add body mass. Besides, those with lower back problems can also extract additional benefit by doing squats. Even the upper back region, trunk and shoulder muscles, arms and shoulder as well as your coastal muscles also benefit from squats.

Leg Extension (Seated)

This is the exercise which helps your muscles of your frontal part of your upper leg, that is quads muscles (rectus femoris) to strengthen and gain potential amount of mass.

The quadriceps muscle group happens to be one of the primary muscles groups of you upper leg which is composed olf particularly 4 muscles and rectus femoris is one of them. It is actually one of the most easily visible muscles of your legs since it practically pops out just like biceps of your arm. Leg extension happens to be popular workout in gyms as well, but you need to habituate yourself with every load that you take during extensions and before increasing it, be sure about it.


This is one of the best exercises which target your lower back and hamstring together and at a time. Romanian deadlift variation particularly helps to increase your muscle mass, enhances the immunity strength of these muscles against injuries, empowers the hamstring and glute as well. Even this is one of the best exercises which considers hip extensors, offers it strength, firmness and power.

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